Oval Duct

CDS ductwork saves time, labor, and money during installation. CDS oval and round ductwork offers the following advantages to the contractor:

  • Complete line of spiral oval, single wall, and dual wall duct systems available.
  • Unmatched turn-around time prevents you from waiting 2-3 weeks.
  • Delivery in our own fleet of trailers minimizes shipping damage.
  • Custom lengths and fittings save time cutting and fitting.
  • Quick and easy connections.
  • Slip couplings and flange connectors available.
  • Lighter weight, cost saving pieces.
  • "Paintgrip" duct suitable for painting to match interior decor creates greater aesthetic appeal for exposed duct applications.
  • Our duct can help you redeploy your labor to the next job faster.
  • Factory manifolded branches, taps, and grill boxes save time and labor in the field.
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